Pump Drives

Funk Pump Drives

Funk pump drives are known in the industry for their proven performance, durability and cost efficiency. With 5,000 different configurations, you have a choice of horsepower, torque, gear ratio, pump adapters and mounting options to match your exact specifications. Funk pump drives offer a wide range of horsepower input, from 101 to 708 hp, and can operate from either an independent mount, a direct engine mount or as a clutch-driven unit.

As an authorized distributor and service dealer, The Gear Centre Off-Highway Division stocks new and remanufactured pump drives for use in forestry, mining, oilfield and mobile crane applications.

Durst Pump Drives

Durst pump drives are built with a patented pump pad design that keeps the oil flowing continually through the bearing, lubricating the spline adapters even without external pumps. Durst pumps also use a four-disk drive plate, resulting in higher absorption of engine vibrations and a longer gearbox lifespan.

The Gear Centre Off-Highway Division carries a large inventory of Durst pump drives for a wide range of industrial applications, such as construction, agricultural, offshore oil, forestry and material handling.

Cotta Pump Drives

At The Gear Centre Off-Highway Division, you can find Cotta pump drives that will suit even the most severe application. You can choose from 2, 3 or 4 station configuration, or even special purpose units, with 8 or more stations.

If you are uncertain about the best pump drive for your equipment, just call The Gear Centre Off-Highway Division and our professionals will be glad to help.