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The Gear Centre Off Highway

Industrial Gearboxes

Cotta Gearboxescotta_gearbox

The Gear Centre Off-Highway Division offers Cotta Speed Reducers and Speed Increasers for several applications, like rock crushers,
compressors, mud pumps, blenders, wood chippers, and more. All of the components come with ratios as high as 7:1 and horsepower capacity to over 2,000.

If you don’t find what you are looking for, trust our specialists at The Gear Centre Off-Highway Division to find the best component to fit your machinery.

Fabco R. Cushman Gearboxes

With over 600 gearbox layouts in the Fabco R. Cushman catalog, The Gear Centre Off-Highway Division, a Fabco authorized distributor and service centrecan get you the model that you need for almost any application. Fabco R. Cushman’s combination, compound, creep drive, and planetary gearboxes have gearing that usually surpasses even the highest standards of the American Gear Manufacturers Association (AGMA).

Fabco R. Cushman gearboxes have the options of being cast or fabricated from either steel or aluminum, depending on application requirements. fabco_gearbox